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Logging Road Safety

Logging roads are essential to getting us where we need to be for the work that we do. But many times when working on logging roads we have little to

Dust Control Systems

Today we are going to discuss dust control for both drilling and blasting. Why are they important and how do they work? Let’s get into it. Drilling Dust Control Systems

Inaugural Blasting Seminar

On Tuesday, February 19 McCallum Rock Drilling held our first ever Drilling and Blasting Seminar in Portland, Oregon. More than 100 professionals from the construction, timber, and commercial quarry industries

Sub-Drilling Part 2

When looking to establish the elevation mentioned in part 1, we are not concerned about the location of the bottom of the hole, we are concerned where the craters from

Sub-Drilling Part 1

In this two part post we are going to talk about sub-drilling. What is sub-drilling, why we do it, when we do it, and how much we do it. When

Vibration and Seismographs

One fact of life that we as commercial quarry blasters must accept is we at some point will need to deal with our neighbors in the community. Seismographs are a

Borehole Deviation – Part II

Why is borehole deviation so important? If the holes are off just a couple of feet will it really make that big of a deal? The answer is a resounding