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Road & Highway Drilling & Blasting

Safety and efficiency.

One of the most critical pieces of infrastructure today are our roads and highways. MRD has completed several challenging and high-visibility drill and blast projects, from a sliver cut to add an extra lane to a mountain pass, to miles of pre-split and millions of yards blasted for multiple through-cuts in order to straighten out busy highways. 

Pre-split Blast Technique

Pre-splitting is a protective blasting technique we use to promote slope stability. This method creates cracks hole to hole for a final desired back wall or contour by firing a single row of holes prior to the initiation of the rest of the blast pattern. We start with rows of holes drilled on close centers to promote energy (explosives) distribution between presplit holes and not beyond. These are loaded with decoupled charges and shot instantaneously. This method promotes a shear clean back wall.
Various hole sizes and decoupled charges are used depending on the scope of the project. We use this method in various applications including highway safety improvements or widening, spillways for dams, rock sculptures (Crazy Horse, Mt. Rushmore), and large mines to promote slope stability.

Work With Us

With blast optimization, we have taken many clients from smaller diameter hole patterns to more efficient blast designs. This process has saved them money without sacrificing fragmentation or crusher throughput.

Equipment & Parts

We’ve relied on Furukawa Rock Drills USA to be our exclusive rock drill rig provider for over a decade. Our position as the authorized Furukawa Rock Drill dealer in the Pacific Northwest has allowed us to create an entire fleet of over 30 exclusively Furukawa drills.

McCallum Drill Equipment at Sunset


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