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Holyrood Cemetery

Project Overview

We were hired to remove a large boulder from underneath the surface of the ground to make way for future grave sites and to improve irrigation for the cemetery. We drilled eight total holes for this project. The first hole we drilled all the way through the boulder to find the bottom, which was approximately seven feet deep. We backfilled that hole to six feet deep, and drilled the other seven holes to the same depth to keep the energy from blowing out the bottom when blasted.



Our biggest challenge with this project was permitting. The job was located in King County in Washington State which has strict laws about blasting, and there was no existing permitting process for the city of Shoreline. We helped the city come up with the permitting process and the actual permit, but it took some time for that to happen and for everything to get approved.


The boulder was drilled and blasted in three hours. We spent some time with the excavator to dig a test hole to ensure the rock was the desired size for the customer as he would ultimately be the one removing it. Everything went smoothly and the customer was happy. Boulders in a cemetery = not a problem.

Work With Us

We currently operate throughout the Western United States. We perform all applications of drilling and blasting including large-scale commercial quarries, heavy construction, road and highway construction, residential and commercial development, and utility and trenchline work.