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Whitetail Ridge Residential Development

Project Overview

We were hired to drill and blast the lot pads and roadway to the desired sub-grade for this residential development project. Work included drilling and blasting utility trenches to enable the contractor to install water, sewer and storm lines to service the home sites.



We faced several challenges including uneven terrain, close proximity to existing utilities and structures, and extreme weather. We worked in below-freezing temperatures and substantial wind. One area of the development was within 100′ of an existing house where we used blasting mats to blanket the shot to hold back any rock from reaching the property. In addition, we also shot in an area that was within 100′ of a county road. We again used blasting mats to keep debris out of that roadway.


We spent a month drilling holes and shot approximately 2,500 holes in six days. The lot pads and roadway were leveled to the desired sub-grade and trenches were blasted for installation of water, sewer and storm lines. The customer was happy with the final outcome of the project.

Work With Us

We currently operate throughout the Western United States. We perform all applications of drilling and blasting including large-scale commercial quarries, heavy construction, road and highway construction, residential and commercial development, and utility and trenchline work.