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Borehole Deviation – Part II

Why is borehole deviation so important? If the holes are off just a couple of feet will it really make that big of a deal? The answer is a resounding

Borehole Deviation – Part I

Once the blast is designed and plans are in place, it is time to execute. With many industries, it is easy to track progress. Quality control checks are in place

Back and Side Break

One common factor in all blasts is back or side break. Simply put, back or side break is breakage that occurs OUTSIDE of the drill pattern. For example, if we

Face Profiling

There are a few critical parts of a blast that can make or break the performance of the blast design. One of the most important areas of the blast is

Electronic Detonators

One of the most exciting and impactful technological developments in the explosives and mining industry today are electronic detonators, or electronic dets. What are detonators? Detonators are what makes blasts

Powder Factor – Distribution

In our previous blog post we discussed powder factor and how it is the foundation for all blast designs. Powder factor is the core measurement of how much force is

Powder Factor

Today we are going to talk about what role powder factor plays in our day-to-day applications of drilling and blasting. Powder factor is expressed in many different forms. Essentially it