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Banks Lake Marina Improvement

Project Overview

We were hired to drill and blast the rock for a new marina basin to be constructed in Eastern Washington State.



Over 75,000 cubic yards of rock needed to be drilled and blasted. The area was approximately 350 feet by 400 feet with an average depth of 14 feet. Contract time was of the essence on this project due to the levels of water in the lake.


The substantial completion of the project for the general contractor was within 20 working days. We completed our portion of the project in only seven days. We conducted five blasting operations in this time. The average blast was  over 15,000 cubic yards. We utilized three state-of-the-art hydraulic rock drills for this project. The public and neighbors received daily notifications as to the times of blasting, and multiple seismographs were used to monitor ground vibration and air overpressure.  

We worked with Halme Construction Inc. on this job and the project went smoothly with no impacts to structures and no complaints from the public.


Work With Us

We currently operate throughout the Western United States. We perform all applications of drilling and blasting including large-scale commercial quarries, heavy construction, road and highway construction, residential and commercial development, and utility and trenchline work.