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Lake Chelan Residential

Project Overview

This project consisted of clearing granite material from a residential area to make room for a driveway, house and garage. We were also the excavation contractor on this project and were hired to clear the rock away after blasting.



For this close-in blasting job we blasted within 65′ of a house and had to bring down a 24′ face. We used cuts ranging from 8′ – 24′. Nearby neighbors made for a small and challenging area to work in.


The project area sloped downhill towards a house so we blasted in short lifts to control rock movement and vibration. We completed all blasts safely with no flyrock and all vibration was within legal limits. We used three different seismographs on blasting days. Our portion of the project was completed and the property is now ready for a concrete stemwall to be built.

Work With Us

We currently operate throughout the Western United States. We perform all applications of drilling and blasting including large-scale commercial quarries, heavy construction, road and highway construction, residential and commercial development, and utility and trenchline work.