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Furukawa 2022 Rock Drill L110 E5

furukawa L110 Rock drill

Equipment Details

Price: $449,000

S/N: 1790600019

1,957Engine Hours / 781 Impact Hours

  • Advanced rotary rod changer allows easy drill rod changes. Operators can add and remove rods using a single lever.
  • HCR L110-E5 features 12′ or 14′ rods with an extendable boom for increased drill pattern.
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage – featuring a pentagonal section design to reduce dirt build-up and track wear – ensures strength and durability.
  • High-output compressor increases flushing air, provides faster drilling, and decreases bit wear.
  • Reliable dust control system with increased suction capacity provides effective pre-cleaning to reduce the escape of rock dust. An optional dust suppression system is available for difficult drilling conditions.

Operational and Maintained. All reasonable offers considered. Taxes Freight and Export Fees / Duties are Responsibility of Buyer.

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Furukawa rock drills provide the ultimate combination of performance and economy. Built tough, Furukawa drills are equipped with features that maximize efficiency to ensure high performance at a low operating cost.