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Glendale Hugo Paving & Sexton Climbing Lane

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to repave 14 miles of Interstate 5 between Hugo and Glendale, Oregon, construct one 2.8-mile climbing lane and make other safety improvements.

Drilling and blasting was located at the summit of the 2.8-mile climbing lane. The overall height is over 100 vertical feet, an average horizontal depth of 0 at the top of slope and 30 feet at the toe of slope, and a total length of approximately 1,000 feet. The blasting consisted of over 29,000 linear feet of perimeter controlled blast holes and 30,000 cubic yards of rock. McCallum Rock Drilling provided up to three rock drills. We blasted once per night and up to twice a week.



Due to the proximity of Interstate 5 (within 15-20 feet) and the minimum time frame allowed to keep the interstate clear of any traffic, each blast was designed to limit the amount of material on Interstate 5, maximize fragmentation so the contractor could efficiently excavate the rock, and maintain safe vibration limits at the nearest structure. The average blast consisted of approximately 2500 cubic yards and 2000 LF of pre-split.


The project was successfully completed within three months. McCallum Rock Drilling would like to thank everyone involved including Knife River Materials, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Aimone-Martin and Associates for the manner in which the work was coordinated and completed.

Work With Us

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