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Team Category: Team Member

Team Category: Team Member

Tyler McCallum

Tyler grew up looking at pits and hiding in loader buckets while his dad blasted shots in the woods, but has officially been with McCallum Rock Drilling since 2007. At

Ramon Coronel

Ramon Coronel started working for MRD in 1998 as a shop helper while in high school. After high school and during the summer break from college, he worked his way

Brandon Babka

Brandon has worked with MRD since 2001 and it’s his duty to train new employees, oversee jobs and work with both new and existing customers. He works out of our

Joe Clinton

Joe has worked at McCallum Powder since 2016. He started as a Safety Compliance Officer before being promoted to Operations Manager. Joe is responsible for coordinating powder truck drivers and

Jon Dobbs

Jon is our Drill Fleet Manager and Project Manager and he’s been with MRD since 1997. He thrives on finding creative solutions to unique problems ranging from developing mining plans to drilling holes. His typical

Jonathon Gray

Jonathon has been with MRD since 2018 as our Technology Development Manager. In this role he works to develop new technologies to improve our business and he also runs our drone surveying

Gina Haubrick

Gina is our Inventory Control Specialist at McCallum Powder and has been with us since 2017. Her background is in planning, purchasing and inventory management. Gina loves that MRD and McCallum

Adan Hurtado

Adan has been with MRD since 2007. Before working at MRD he was a high school teacher and coach. He works primarily out of the Salem, Oregon office where he

Steve Kidwell

Steve is head of safety and compliance at MRD. He has been in the mining industry since 1981 when he began his career working in an underground coal mine. Steve’s experience

Scott Price

Scott was a Marine Corps helicopter mechanic before landing at MRD. As a Project Manager his duties include meeting with potential customers and training new operators. One of his favorite